Surveying and tamping using one machine

Levelling and alignment laser and curve laser for tamping machines

As an upgrade for tamping machines, Plasser & Theurer offers the levelling and alignment laser for surveying works on sections of plain track. For works in curves and turnouts, the CAL curve laser is available.

Both systems consist of two components: the laser receiver camera and the laser front trolley. The camera is mounted on the tamping machine on a vertically and horizontally adjustable linear unit (CAL). The laser trolley is manually adjustable

and allows the relative detection of long-wave track geometry faults. The ALC automatic guiding computer is used for the measuring run and the recording.

Direct machine guidance, calculation of the correction values or the accurate track geometry

A tamping machine fitted with this equipment can either be guided directly along the laser beam or used for the calculation of the correction values before tamping. Combined with fixed-point measurement, this system can also be used to calculate the accurate track geometry. 

Preconditions for installation

To ensure that the laser systems can be used on a tamping machine, some preconditions must be fulfilled. To enable us to check that, please contact us in advance.