Machine upgrades

Make the most of your machine

Many of our machines have been in operation for several decades. During this time, technological progress has been made. New machine functions make it possible to complete certain tasks more easily. Thanks to the top quality of our machines, upgrading older machines with the latest technology really pays off: it increases the output achieved, enables a more flexible operation and reduces the machines' susceptibility to failure.

Therefore, we are offering "machine upgrades" providing you with different service options. 

SmartALC – the third-generation ALC – modern user interface, maximum operating comfort

The SmartALC guiding computer is at the heart of computer-aided track geometry production for tamping machines. The integration of the Spot Tamping method for spot fault repair and diverse new features add to its field of application. This allows for all forms of operation - from optimising spot fault repair to large BIM projects.

SmartALC guiding computer

Digital benefits of the DRP digital measuring recording system

In 2013, we introduced the first digital recorder onto the market: the DRP data recording processor. In addition to numerous benefits, it processes more than the maximum of eight signals available on the DAR data acquisition recorder. Now, machines can be upgraded with these digital devices.

The DRP digital measurement recording system

New rotation speed modulation for tamping units

The new rotation speed modulation makes it possible to modulate the rotation speed of tamping units during the individual work phases. This reduces wear on the tamping units, fuel consumption and the noise emitted during operation. Every machine is checked separately prior to the installation of the upgrade. 

The new rotation speed modulation for tamping units