FILTER CARTRIDGE PACKAGE 1000H – Lower costs and reduced maintenance efforts thanks to immediate availability

Our service offer reduces not only the costs but also the time and effort involved in servicing the machine. Original spare parts are offered in a complete package.

The FILTER CARTRIDGE PACKAGE 1000H contains all filter cartridges for one machine that need to be exchanged within a period of 1,000 operating hours. Punctual replacement of filter cartridges helps keep the productivity and reliability of the machines at a consistently high level. The right filter cartridges must be available at the right time. In our experience, the efficient management of wearing parts is crucial to ensure this.

Plasser & Theurer's service offer gives you the opportunity to reduce this effort. The FILTER CARTRIDGE PACKAGE 1000H contains all filter cartridges for hydraulic system, pneumatic system and power system of one machine. Plasser & Theurer puts together every package individually. 

Costs reduced by up to 20%.

The advantages of the complete package are clear:

  • Guaranteed original quality
  • 100% correct order
  • Advance stocks of the quantity and type of filter cartridges required
  • Undisrupted operation thanks to calculable service and maintenance

Bigger orders allow a more attractive price.

Compared to individual orders, this brings cost savings of up to 20% for the FILTER CARTRIDGE PACKAGE 1000H. If required, filter cartridge packages can also be put together in accordance with the customer's wishes.

We look forward to receiving your order

Please state either the parts number or the machine model and machine number.

The parts number for new machines can be found in the service manual and in the spare parts catalog. We recommend that every machine carries a spare filter cartridge package to assure the highest possible availability of the machine.

Contact for orders and information or get in touch with your local Plasser & Theurer service partner!