Linz Training Centre for a better start

To operate our machines effectively and cost-efficiently right from the beginning, specific know-how is required. At Linz Training Centre and the facilities at our partner firms, we professionally pass on the required expertise. Every year, more than 300 training session are held for 2,000 staff members of our customers worldwide.

Comprehensive training using state-of-the-art methods

Our machines consist of thousands of parts of all kinds: mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic components ranging from extremely solid to extremely delicate and filigree. Together, they form a perfectly functioning unity that is supported by precise measuring and control systems. 




To operate and maintain the machines efficiently, the personnel must know how their technology works. At Linz Training Centre we pass on the required knowledge. Using modern didactic methods and state-of-the training equipment, we enable our customers to operate their machines efficiently right from the beginning. Moreover, operating errors which can occur particularly in the beginning are prevented effectively.

Practical training using simulators

For a long time, Linz Training Centre has used simulators to train specific operating skills. Simulators for control systems, process control systems or the ALC automatic guiding computer are based on technical developments of the latest machine models and ensure user-orientated training.

The 09-3D tamping simulator has been in operation since 2011, opening up entirely new opportunities. The trainee sits at the operator's seat fitted with the operating controls and has all important original controls in his reach: the touch panel for the CWS computer working system, the pedals for controlling the work units and all standard displays. In addition to normal plain line tamping, the trainee learns tamping after track renewal or how to react when encountering obstacles such as level crossings, inductive track magnets, cable ducts, signal switching mechanisms, etc. Every action of the participant shows its effects in real-time and is displayed on screen. This enables us to offer an unprecedented quality of training. 

Mobile simulator for training at the customers' premises

In addition to the stationary tamping simulator, Linz Training Centre offers a mobile simulation unit. Its entire equipment is housed in one container. Acquired in 2013, the mobile tamping simulator has already been used at various events and has turned out to be a major crowd puller. It can also be used for training sessions at the customer's premises. Now, it also allows simulating the work sequences in the front cabin. This enables the preparatory work regarding track geometry and the documentation following tamping to be trained as well. 

High-quality operating and service instructions

A machine's service life and availability greatly depend on expert maintenance. For this reason, operating instructions and service manuals are prepared at Linz Training Centre. The documents describe the required measures precisely and clearly. We ensure that these instructions are available when the machine is delivered - naturally in the language of our customers.

Digital and audiovisual media for efficient operation

On request, digital documentation is available, enabling interactive use of the information. This allows maintenance lists to be accessed precisely when needed, for instance.

Moreover, we produce state-of-the-art audio-visual media. For particular work sequences during operation and maintenance, we offer videos showing the respective work sequence in detail. These videos are crucial to perform necessary tasks professionally right from the start. 

Central position in the Plasser & Theurer service network

To offer our training services as closely to the customers as possible, training sessions are also held at our partner firms. Linz Training Centre is responsible for certifying the partner firms. Moreover, we manage and coordinate the exchange of experiences and latest information in this global network.