Direct access to your machine data: for new machines and as an upgrade

Operators with an overview of their machine fleet have an advantage. The PlasserDatamatic original interface brings this advantage. It can be installed in new machines and, as an upgrade, in older machines. You can choose from several modules.

PlasserLiveInfo: Access data via smart phone or tablet

Using PlasserDatamatic, you can access the most important work parameters and status notifications via your tablet or smart phone at any time. The module PlasserLiveInfo provides you with an overview of your entire machine fleet at any time.

For example: When operating a ballast cleaning system with numerous material conveyor and hopper units in large numbers, you can access the operating conditions of each machine. Similarly, mobile access to each machine of your entire fleet is granted. In which direction does my machine arrive at the work site? What about the filling levels of fuel and oil? Is my machine productive or not? For schedulers and operations managers this is, without doubt, important to know. 

PlasserDatamaticRecorder: recording and analysing data

PlasserDatamaticRecorder records machine parameters and notifications. Therefore, key factors for the working output are available for observation over longer periods of time. For service purposes, the circumstances surrounding incidents during operation can be analysed. The evaluation of the signals in long-term observations makes it possible to detect wear at an early stage.

The modules PlasserLiveInfo and PlasserDatamaticRecorder can be ordered ex works for new machines equipped with the P-IC 2.0 control system. For older machines, an upgrade is available. This makes it possible to integrate them into your monitoring.

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