PlasserDatamatic 2.0

The PlasserDatamatic 2.0 uses data-driven thinking to link track maintenance machines and the companies operating them, thus creating an information and knowledge unit.

The user-friendly IoT application is based on coordinated hardware and software from one partner. This allows for a comprehensive flow of information from the machine to the user. The machine information is available in real-time worldwide. The system creates a variety of new opportunities for fleet maintenance, machine condition monitoring, long-term observation and operations planning. It saves costs and increases efficiency.

Machine monitoring has never been more informative.

The PlasserDatamatic 2.0 can be mounted on every track maintenance machine. It is composed of two subsystems:

  • The MachineDataConnector (MDC) is the hardware mounted on the machine. The MDC collects machine data which is sent regularly to a central memory via a mobile data connection.
  • The MachineConditionObserver (MCO) is a browser-based machine information system which makes all machine data easily accessible on one central platform.

MDC - MachineDataConnector

Device. Feed. Cloud.

The MDC connects the machine with the Internet of Things. It provides you with detailed information about your machine.

The MDC is a data logging system developed to collect machine data and make it available via the Cloud. The MDC has 8 GB of internal memory which can be used for temporary data buffering if there is no mobile data connection available. Depending on the number of signals sent, the MDC can collect data without a mobile data connection over a period of several weeks. When a connection is available again, the buffered data is sent to the Cloud. The MDC’s housing consists of aluminium and is designed for installation in the control cabinet.

MCO - MachineConditionObserver

Performance. Status. Position.

The MCO provides you with a complete overview of your fleet. All relevant machine data is accessible via one access point. The user interface offers a clear overview of the data and facilitates efficient operation and fast reaction to machine events.

The MCO is a machine information system which makes all data sources easily accessible on one central platform.

The system is a web-based, user-friendly solution, developed for companies operating track maintenance machines, in particular. The system closes the information gap between machines, rails and staff. An internet connection and a terminal device (laptop, tablet) is all the system needs. One central application provides access to all data. Staff on all levels of the company hierarchy benefit from the system, from track workers to fleet managers, maintenance managers and executives.

The MCO provides supervisors and schedulers with an overview of the machine parameters. Depending on the licence, working parameters are also included.

It makes key factors shaping the working output also available for observation over longer periods of time. For service purposes, the MCO can be used to analyse the circumstances surrounding incidents during operation.

The evaluation of the signals in long-term observations makes it possible to detect signs of wear at an early stage.


  • Central point of access for all machine data (signals, events, maintenance information, documentation, measuring runs)
  • Conveniently accessible web application, always up to date
  • One interface = the same information for operating staff, fleet managers and service technicians
  • Clearly arranged interface with the main categories Fleet and Analytics
  • Main categories for fast access to the machines and quick links for swift navigation
  • The machine cockpit can be adapted to show the information needed
  • Extended dashboard interface for the analysis of machine data of several machines, operated at different times
  • Automatically generated reports with detailed analyses of the machine output and error frequency
  • Independent user authorisation management through the company
  • Integrated support and contact feature