The advantages of multiple-sleeper tamping

The advantages of multiple-sleeper tamping

MULTI-sleeper tamping machines offer two obvious advantages: high working speeds and measurable increases in tamping quality. However, short track possessions during maintenance tamping are not the only thing which allows you to unlock the potential of continuously working MULTI-sleeper tamping machines.

Machines in the 09-X series also offer advantages when laying new track, for example, following extensive track rehabilitation. They are designed for high lifting and lining forces. As lifts take place in multiple work stages, this also means the machine’s increased output allows you to complete construction noticeably faster.

MULTI-sleeper tamping units provide more uniform working action, which translates into higher maintenance quality. Owing to a longer frame, bending stress of the rails decreases. And the subframe bogie that fixes it in place prevents elastic rebound of the track after tamping, lining and lifting.

Tamping track with irregular sleeper spacing

Plasser & Theurer’s proven tamping technology can be used under almost all operating conditions. Sometimes there are sections of track with irregular, heterogeneous sleeper positioning. That is why Plasser & Theurer offers customised tamping units for different types of track. Thanks to these special models with additional adjustment mechanisms, there is nothing the 09-X series can’t handle. The machines are always in complete control and achieve optimum results, no matter how great the deviation is between the sleeper types and spacings.

A continuous classic: 2X- tamping unit

The required tamping performance per time unit determines the size of the tamping unit. For this purpose, a high annual output may be just as crucial as short track possessions on high-capacity lines. The 09-2X and 09-3X models are equipped with the same frame design, and the 09-2X employs 2-sleeper working technology. This 2-sleeper technology provides optimal conditions assuming tamping at maximum speed is less of a priority. Our 09-2X model with its compact 2-sleeper tamping unit will win you over: more than 1,200 machines currently in operation attest to its success.

For the fast and furious: 3X- tamping unit

The 09-3X’s key component is the 3-sleeper tamping unit. It allows the machine to tamp three sleepers simultaneously during one single tamping process. Whether it’s maintenance operation or tamping newly laid track: compared to the continuous 2-sleeper tamping machine, the 09-3X model increases output by 30 to 40%. And that’s not its maximum performance, but rather, an average value.

In 1996, the 3-sleeper tamping technology was introduced for the first time. Ever since, the concept has been used around the world and continues to live up to its reputation. Globally, the name ‘09-3X’ is synonymous with minimum site occupation, optimal utilisation of track possessions as well as reduced costs for administration and staff.