A4 service package: A new heart for your machine

Benefit from a new tamping unit and a minimum of five inspections

Tamping units are the core component of tamping machines. Expert maintenance, general overhauls and technologies such as the rotation speed modulation extend the service life of our tamping units significantly. Nonetheless, there comes a time when it is no longer economically viable to overhaul a tamping unit. However, that does not mean that the entire machine can no longer be used. Replace the old tamping unit with a new one and extend the service life of your machine significantly.

Our new tamping units are made of state-of-the-art components. Offering maximum resistance to wear, they can considerably extend the service life of the entire tamping machine.

Our A4 service package comprises a new tamping unit for your machine, extends the warranty period to 24 months or a maximum of 500,000 tamping cycles, and offers additional services. In addition, our service engineers will check the proper installation and function of the unit and carry out inspections for a period of four years on an annual basis or after every 250,000 tamping cycles. During these inspections, all components relevant to the tamping process will be checked and, if necessary, repairs will be recommended. Moreover, the package includes a 33 % discount on one set of Plasser & Theurer tamping tines.

The A4 service package is now available worldwide. It will automatically be included with all new machines supplied as of 2019. From then on, the purchase price of a new machine will not only cover the warranty, but also include the support by a service engineer.

The extended warranty (24 months or a maximum of 500,000 tamping cycles) is conditional on the use of the digital service booklet MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG). Otherwise, the standard warranty of 12 months or a maximum of 250,000 tamping cycles will apply.

For more detailed information, please contact your local service partner or send an email to Plasser & Theurer at: parts@plassertheurer.com

Your benefit

  • Extend the machine’s service life
  • Increase the number of possible tamping cycles
  • Reduce service engineer costs
  • Reduce other potential costs (caused by repairs, track closure time exceedances, additional contract execution costs, repeated track closures and speed restrictions)
  • Benefit from a 33 % discount on one set of Plasser & Theurer tamping tines
  • Get the digital service booklet MachineMaintenanceGuide