Official naming ceremony for the two machines

The international convention of the Working Committee on Railway Technology (ÖVG Convention) provides a platform of exchange for railway experts. It was held from the 16th to the 18th September 2019 in Salzburg. The machine presentation at Salzburg Station was a highlight at the last day of the convention.

During this event, the naming ceremony for the Bahnbau Wels machines took place. The machines have been named after Hubert Rhomberg, Member of the Administrative Board and co-owner of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, and his wife Nadja Rhomberg. The BDS system was given the name “Hubert”, and the Unimat was named “Nadja”. The two machines were handed over to Bahnbau Wels, i.e. strictly speaking to Rhomberg Sersa Vermietung GmbH. Konrad Schnyder, President of the Owner Board of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, and his wife Trudy were also in attendance.