Search and inquire about original spare parts in the SmartCatalog

Find and inquire about original Plasser & Theurer spare parts easier, faster and safer using the SmartCatalog app. Introduced at iaf 2017, Plasser & Theurer’s new after-sales tool has attracted great interest. By now, more than 400 users have registered and spare part information on about 250 machines has been accessed. What makes the SmartCatalog so attractive?

Your SmartCatalog exclusively provides data relevant to your machines.

The SmartCatalog's structure is based on our original spare parts catalogue.

You can easily switch between the parts list and the drawing

Similar to the printed catalogue, SmartCatalog comprises technical drawings for the identification of parts.

The desired parts can be easily added to the inquiry list, which can either be sent directly to your service partner at Plasser & Theurer or your procurement department.

More than 40,000 product photos make it easier to find the exact parts you need.

Find parts quickly and easily

The SmartCatalog is a modern tool for identifying and ordering original Plasser & Theurer spare parts. Its structure is similar to the printed catalogue. Therefore, you can search for spare parts as usual. However, it also provides a convenient search function. Enter the part number, IT number, title or spare parts sheet number and the system will automatically show the required parts. More than 40,000 product photos make it possible to find spare parts even more conveniently and reliably.

Use the app to inquire about parts directly

An integrated inquiry list allows using the app to inquire about the desired parts directly. This makes it possible to order spare parts even more quickly and prevents mistakes that can occur when copying the information from the printed catalogue. The inquiry can either be sent directly to your service partner at Plasser & Theurer or to the procurement department at your company.

Available online and off-line

The SmartCatalog is tailored to your individual needs. This is why you will exclusively receive data relevant to your machine fleet. The data is loaded to your smartphone or tablet where it will also be available off-line. If the catalogue is amended, an updated version will automatically be made available for download.

For standard machines built as of 2006

Within a few days from your inquiry, the new SmartCatalog app will be at your disposal for all standard machines built as of 2006. Since then, about 1,500 machines have been supplied. For 250 of these machines, the SmartCatalog has been used as early as two months from its release.

Please note that the SmartCatalog is currently only available in Europe. As of 2018, it will be available worldwide.

Get more detailed information now!

The SmartCatalog runs on all smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems. It contains the relevant information also provided by the printed spare parts catalogues. Like the printed catalogue it is available in several languages.

For more detailed information on the new SmartCatalog app send an email to:

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