Face-lift for high-speed lines

Almost 30 years have passed since the first high-speed railway lines were opened in Germany at the beginning of June 1991. So it’s time to start renewing this infrastructure that is subjected to large loads. In June 2019, this work was started and is planned to be carried out over the next five years.

Face-lift for high-speed lines


Upgrade from the assembly line - the ecological procedure

The railway line to Cuxhaven running to the north-west from Hamburg was renovated in stages. Improvement of the formation, cleaning the ballast bed, replacing rails and sleepers and thorough maintenance of the track were among the tasks carried out in several phases of construction in a three-week window. 

Upgrade from the assembly line - the ecological procedure


Fast through the night - ballast cleaning on world-famous high-speed line

On the high-speed line LGV Sud-Est (Ligne à grande vitesse Sud-Est) between Paris and Lyon renewal of the entire ballast bed has been carried out since 2009. Plasser & Theurer machines have been playing a crucial role in this major construction project.

Ballast cleaning on world-famous high-speed line »

Manufacturing quality in series

The new fleet programme of DB Netz AG demonstrates extraordinary quality standards. For the first time, we have built track maintenance machines meeting the requirements for motor vehicles.

Manufacturing quality in series »

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