Ecological turnout maintenance in record time

Continuous action 2-sleeper tamping, stabilising and profiling

For the first time, our E³ hybrid drive system powers a continuous action turnout tamping machine. Krebs Gleisbau AG and Swiss Railways have already set store by the new machine.

The new E³ hybrid drive concept allows the machine to be powered either via a diesel engine or via an electric motor using the electrical energy of the contact wire. Both engines generate the hydraulic pressure required for all systems, from the hydrostatic drive for transfer travel and work travel to the work units. The first two machines fitted with the E³ hybrid drive system – a 09-4X E³ Dynamic Tamping Express and a BDS 2000 E³ – have stood the test in regular work site operation in Austria. 

Hybrid concept creates new market opportunities

Krebs Gleisbau AG is the first contractor to set store by the new technology. Under an international call for tender for track maintenance machine technology of SBB, BLS and TPF* opened in 2014 and awarded in 2015, the Management and the Strategic Purchasing Department of SBB Infrastruktur offered the companies submitting a tender the opportunity to bid for a 10 year contract for track maintenance machines. They assumed that this long term of contract would stimulate trendsetting innovations in the operation of the respect­ive track maintenance machines. Krebs Gleisbau group opted for the subsidiary Krebs Gleisbau AG based in Bern to implement this future strategy. This decision was based on the fact that environmental protection would play a major role in Switzerland.

The local conditions in Switzerland, i.e. the country’s topography and the population concentration, make it necessary to place a greater focus on the topic of sustainability, also in the market segment of mechanised track maintenance.

For the management of Krebs Gleisbau AG, a “sound investment base” for future sustainability in the field of track maintenance machine technology was given. Together with us, the project titled “Hybrid E³ – Economic, Ecologic, Ergonomic” was launched and the technical specifications for this market segment were set down. The innovative 09-32/4S Dynamic E³ universal turnout tamping machine took shape.

With this investment, Krebs Gleisbau AG not only intends to reduce CO2 emissions, but also aims at reducing the noise emissions in the rail network. The Krebs group wants to place a greater focus on the sustainability of works on the rail network, independent of technical innovation.

Noise protection for quiet work

The E³ hybrid drive concept reduces pollutant emissions, lowers the noise emitted by the machines and enables fossil fuel savings. In addition, noise protection measures reduce the noise emitted at the work units: the stabilising units are shielded laterally, both hopper and sweeper unit are fitted with sound protection. These measures enable the machine to be operated in urban areas and during the night.


  • Perfect maintenance of all turnout designs
  • 3-rail lifting and 4-rail tamping
  • Lower energy and logistics costs
  • Reduced pollutant emissions
  • Fossil fuel savings
  • Noise reduction enabling the machine to be operated in urban areas and during the night
  • Approval for line category C2 (axle loads ≤ 20 t)

* SBB – Swiss Federal Railways; BLS – Private Railway in Switzerland, contracted by seven cantons; TPF – Transports Publics Fribourgeois