Premium programme for turnouts

The all-in-one machine for tracks and turnouts

The new Unimat 09-475/4S N-Dynamic turnout and track maintenance machine combines for the first time ever the functions of three machines: ballasting, tamping, regulating, stabilising, control measurement. This achieves a substantial simplification of the worksite logistics with a high savings potential.

In one single working pass, this machine performs the complete and technologically correct sequence of work for the maintenance of turnouts and tracks. Despite the variety of functions, operation is simple and clearly structured thanks to up-to-date control engineering with menu-assisted user guidance. We have completely re-designed the control panels at the operating desks.

First ballasting – then tamping!

Particularly in turnouts there is often a lack of ballast. In the past this meant that ballast had to be delivered and distributed before the tamping work. This stage of work can be dispensed with entirely. Additional ballast is available in the material conveyor and hopper unit.

For track maintenance the Unimat 09-475/4S N-Dynamic is equipped with our well-proven work units: separable singlesleeper tamping units with 16 tilting tines, 3-rail lifting and 4-rail tamping, integrated in a separate subframe for the continuous working action.

Profiling, sweeping, stabilising, measuring.

These four functions are combined in the rear part of the machine. Here it is also possible to place additional ballast to fill up the sleeper cribs. The stabilising unit is also particularly important: it homogenises the ballast bed and produces the initial settlements following tamping work in a controlled way. Measuring, recording and analysis of the track geometry parameters, in conformity with the standards, provides a verification of the work performed.

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