Handling turnouts flexibly

Gantry unit with crawler tracks for pre-assembled turnouts

Machine with crawler track for installation and removal of turnouts, parts of a turnout or track panels

Careful removal and laying of track panels and turnouts

The technologically correct handling of new track and turnout components, particularly when they are laid, has considerable influence on their service life and quality. This also includes safe transport to the construction gap and uniform distribution of the lifting forces. Using our gantry units, intolerable deformations and twists do not even occur.

A development based on this series, the RPK 40 gantry unit on crawler tracks, consists of a gantry unit and a transport wagon with self-propulsion. The machine is suited for laying turnouts and track panels. Thanks to the operation of the turnout relaying unit there is no unacceptable twisting or deformation of the turnout sections during transport or laying. The RPK 40 enables short work site occupations and therefore reduces operational hindrances.