Un­imat 09-8x4/4S

A multitalented machine: performance and flexibility

Continuous 2-sleeper tamping of plain line tracks and turnouts

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Conventional lines
High speed
Field of application
Working mode
Continuous action
  • High maximum working output thanks to 2-sleeper tamping technology and great flexibility in the turnout with the 8x4 tamping unit
  • Variable maintenance of plain line tracks and turnouts
  • Maximum flexibility in the turnout thanks to variable use of 32 tamping tines, 3-rail lifting, and 4-rail tamping technology
  • The world's leading tamping technology - tested under various operating conditions on every continent
  • The frame is designed to maintain the heaviest types of superstructure (heavy haul lines)
  • High machine availability thanks to a maximum speed of 100 km/h in running mode under own power
  • Utmost flexibility even in the heaviest, largest turnouts
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Combined levelling and alignment laser

During track tamping, the combined levelling and alignment laser guides the tamping machine according to the precision method. Using this method, the laser beam is displayed on the laser receiver camera (at the tamping machine) and analysed according to its position.
The combined levelling and alignment laser also allows producing a particularly accurate turnout geometry. In doing so, the ideal geometric position of the turnout (in the through rail) is recorded along the laser reference line.

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