Key Features


sleepers tamped in a single operation

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cost-efficient maintenance also in short track possessions

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more output during track maintenance

High speeds, less wear, maximum quality

Express tamping – maximum quality for track maintenance: Plasser & Theurer tamping technology ensures process reliability. Seeing the 09-3X Tamping Express in operation for the first time is an unforgettable experience. At breath-taking working speed, the machine produces maximum track geometry quality. The sturdy frame handles even high lifting values. It is optimally suited for tamping both existing lines and new lines. Multiple tamping and 1-sleeper tamping allow maintaining track sections with highly irregular sleeper spacing or obstacles along the line.

Continuous working action – increased output during tamping

Technology that continues to set standards to this day: continuous working action achieves spectacular increases in output. The 09-X series offers increased output while producing excellent quality. It allows you to make the best possible use of track possessions and to achieve your ROI quickly.

Time-tested and top-grade: the continuous- action main frame and the cyclic-action tamping satellite

  • Higher working speeds
  • Reduced line occupation times
  • Reduces track maintenance costs
  • Less stress for man and machine

Modular expandability

Plasser & Theurer machines provide scope for extensive, versatile modification. This has several advantages: modular expandability enables us to individualise your machine to make it suit your demands and your market’s needs. We offer a great number of configuration options for our 09-X series high-capacity tamping machines; they suit various operational strategies and track conditions. As an approved, operational machine is key to maximum performance, we have established new standards to get the machine to the worksite in no time.

Technological advantages at a glance

  • 3-sleeper tamping units
  • Roller lifting and lining unit
  • Rotation speed modulation and frequency synchronisation
  • Low axle loads (< 20 t), approved for line category C2
  • P-IC control system, SmartALC guiding computer, DRP recorder
  • New cabin design and improved ergonomic design
  • Sleeper detection system
  • Combined longitudinal level and alignment laser
  • 920-mm wheelsets on all axles

We put your machine on track in no time

Plasser & Theurer machines can be expanded modularly. Based on platform programs, the expansions offer a major advantage: their technical design and quality comply with the machine's initial approval. All railway testing has already been completed.

During the approval process, engineering professionals calculate the stability of the machine frames, bogies, and the vehicle behaviour.

Safety is crucial to us. A department in charge of quality assurance ensures compliance with the applicable standards and regulations through in-house working instructions and inspections. Plasser & Theurer's railway testing body  is EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. PlasserModularCustomizing adds value by improving quality, ensuring on-schedule handling, and increasing the availability of the machines.

Your machine will comply with all standards. The approval process for auxiliary vehicles is similarly extensive. Ultimately, machines are vehicles which must comply with EN 14033. On request, we offer machines in compliance with the TSI LOC&PAS Technical Specification for Interoperability.

Plasser Datamatic 2.0 – MachineConditionObserver
Controlling operation and servicing digitally

Fleet and maintenance managers can access information on the condition of their machines at any time, allowing for condition-based maintenance and enabling them to plan required measures ahead of time. 
The exact machine position can be accessed at any time, facilitating operations planning and refuelling. The management receives informative reports, providing the basis for strategic decisions.

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