09-3X Dynamic E³

Unrivalled for 20 years

3-sleeper tamping for short track possessions

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09-3X Dynamic E³

The key component of the 09-3X is the 3-sleeper tamping unit. It allows the machine to tamp three sleepers simultaneously during one single tamping process. Whether it’s maintenance operation or tamping newly laid track: compared to the continuous 2-sleeper tamping machine, the 09-3X model increases output by 30 to 40 %. And that’s not its maximum performance, but rather, an average value.

In 1996, the 3-sleeper tamping technology was introduced for the first time. Ever since, the concept has been used around the world and continues to live up to its reputation. Globally, the name 09-3X is synonymous with simplified worksite logistics, optimal utilisation of track possessions as well as reduced costs for administration and staff.

Lifting and lining unit

On the basis of many years of experience, Plasser & Theurer has developed various lifting and lining units which fulfil both requirements and are well suited for specific operating conditions. 


This work unit is fitted with two lining rollers and two roller lifting clamps per rail, gripping the rail under the rail head. They lift and line in one operation.


This work unit has lifting hooks and lining rollers. On request, it is possible to mount additional roller lifting clamps. Lifting and lining is performed in one operation. The lifting hooks can be applied either under the rail head or under the rail base. The entire work unit can also be displaced in longitudinal direction. This ensures that the work unit can be adapted to every situation during turnout maintenance, achieving an optimum lifting and lining process.

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Enjoy the benefits of standardisation with ModularCustomizing

We manufacture machines in our ModularCustomizing category based on a platform strategy. This makes maintenance, spare parts management, training, and homologations more efficient while tailoring them to you. The benefits of this approach are most obvious with our tamping machines, which have 100 configuration options from the get-go.

Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic

The latest track maintenance machines use both the electrical energy from the contact wire and batteries to power the working drive. Our new E³ drive technologies reduce local emissions - of both pollutants and noise – to a minimum on the work site. Introduced in 2015, Plasser & Theurer’s E³ machines stand for: Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic.