Smart ALC

Smart technology increases efficiency

Track geometry production for tamping machines with the automatic guiding computer

The SmartALC automatic guiding computer is at the centre of computer-based track geometry production for tamping machines and sets new standards with regard to user-friendliness and process reliability. In addition to the two work procedures for optimising the track geometry that are standard around the globe, i.e. the compensation method when the track geometry is not known and the precision method when the track geometry is known, the spot tamping method for correcting isolated defects can be offered as a third option, if requested.

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Compensation method

Guiding the tamping machine in accordance with the relative or the unknown track geometry: The tamping machine uses the fault reduction method. After a measuring run, the recorded versines are smoothened and the lifting and lining values are calculated. The SmartALC calculates a recommendation for the track’s superelevation. The calculated values are used as target values for the tamping process.

Precision method

The absolute track geometry is used to guide the tamping machine: The track geometry, including the radii, transition curves, gradient changes and superelevations, is known. The deviation from the defined absolute position must be calculated prior to the work using surveying systems in combination with fixed-point measuring. The AbsoluteTrackGeometry module is an innovative expansion, adding absolute track geometry recording to the tamping machine.


The Spot Tamping tool increases the output and working quality of turnout tamping machines and universal tamping machines. Moreover, this optional feature raises the operating comfort and enables the automatic localisation of spot faults.


The standard in user-friendliness and process reliability: the track-geometry guiding computer provides ultimate operating comfort. Equipped with the SmartALC, tamping machines can work according to the precision method or the compensation method. Operators can select one of four pre-defined user profiles provided by the SmartALC to ensure their needs are met perfectly. Using AutoSync, for example, the machine automatically detects track defects. 

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