Plasser SmartTamping – The Assistant

The digital future of turnout tamping has begun. “PlasserSmartTamping - The Assistant” is a turnout tamping assistance system that has made a revolutionary step towards the automation of tamping machines. It simplifies tamping in turnouts and crossings, with no extra measuring run needed. 

The turnout tamping assistant supports operators in achieving consistently high tamping quality. Turnout main-tenance in the technologically correct sequence and with consistent quality is the result, no matter what the setting is. Plus, the manual tamping option is still available. Par-ticularly in times where there is a dearth of experienced staff, the system gives infrastructure operators security.

65 years of experience in tamping technology feed into the digital tamping assistant.

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PlasserDatamatic 2.0 – MachineConditionObserver
Controlling operation and servicing digitally

Fleet and maintenance managers can access information on the condition of their machines at any time, allowing for condition-based maintenance and enabling them to plan required measures ahead of time. 
The exact machine position can be accessed at any time, facilitating operations planning and refuelling. The management receives informative reports, providing the basis for strategic decisions.

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