The measuring system for documenting track geometry in accordance with EN 13848

Benefit from digital technology now

The DRP electronic data recording processor records, evaluates, and displays various track parameters, such as longitudinal level, alignment, cross level, twist etc. The measuring equipment supplies analogue signals. These are read in at regular intervals, stored after analogue-to-digital conversion, and displayed on the monitor. The fully digitised processing of the measuring values offers many new possibilities for evaluation.

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All benefits of digital recording technology

The DRP recorder can process more than the maximum of eight signals available on the DAR data acquisition recorder. The real-time display on the touch panel PC enables the immediate analysis of the individual channels and allows describing individual events using the commenting function.

In addition, the DRP offers

  • evaluation of the measuring and work graphs using clearance and acceptance lines
  • introduction of exception lists instead of evaluation templates
  • electronic data transfer of the measuring and work graphs as well as the measured data
  • additional recording parameters if required
  • display of the measuring results in the style of the measuring graphs of RAILab (Ril 821.2001)
  • new assessment criteria (in line with Ril 821.2001)
  • calculation of alignment and longitudinal level (D1) as per EN 13848
  • use of commercially available printers

PlasserDatamatic 2.0 – MachineConditionObserver
Controlling operation and servicing digitally

Fleet and maintenance managers can access information on the condition of their machines at any time, allowing for condition-based maintenance and enabling them to plan required measures ahead of time. 
The exact machine position can be accessed at any time, facilitating operations planning and refuelling. The management receives informative reports, providing the basis for strategic decisions.

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