APT 1500 RC

Welding machine with certified quality in container design

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Machine group Mobile rail rectification
Year of manufacture 2016
Track gauge 1 435mm**)
CE - Conformity EU
Length over buffer beam 9 125mm
Width 2 438mm
Height over top of rail 2 590mm
Weight 26t
Engine output 400kW

*) Subject to compliance with regulations on use including operation, maintenance, transport, and the relevant approval requirements.

**) Please contact us for any upgrades and retrofits (including other track gauges) as well as optional services.

Subject to technical changes and prior sale.

Weldingcontainer in 2nd hand condition

Machine features:

  • APT 1500 R welding head with integrated trimming device, integrated temperature sensor, universal clamping jaws, rail centring device
  • hydraulic welding head manipulator, +500 mm adjustable in the longitudinal direction
  • P-IC
  • notebook for monitoring, analysis, and graphic representation of the welding process
  • Deutz TCD16.0 / V8 / 1754 water-cooled diesel engine with engine compartment temperature monitoring system for power supply of the welding plant
  • water-cooled welding head
  • generator to produce the welding current
  • cooling device for the electronic system
  • remote control
  • 4 hydraulically actuated supports for stabilizing and loading or unloading of the container in a depot without an additional crane
  • sufficient lighting for night work is provided
  • air jets are integrated into the trimming knife

Optional equipment:

  • ROBEL rail head grinding machine
  • further welding programs

Already installed welding programs:

  • 115RE
  • 54E1-R260
  • 60E1-R260
  • 60E1-ER350HT