2-Sleeper-Tampingmaschine in in 2nd hand condition

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Machine group Tamping
Year of manufacture 2010
Track gauge 1 067mm**)
CE - Conformity non-EU
Length over buffer beam 31 060mm
Width 3 000mm
Height over top of rail 4 100mm
Distance between bogie pivots 11 500mm
Weight 80t
Max. travelling speed, self-propelled 80km/h*)
Max. travelling speed, towed 80km/h*)
Engine Hours 9 502h
Kilometers 17 681km
Tamping Cycles 1 052 553,

*) Subject to compliance with regulations on use including operation, maintenance, transport, and the relevant approval requirements.

**) Please contact us for any upgrades and retrofits (including other track gauges) as well as optional services.

Subject to technical changes and prior sale.

  • Working radius 150 m / driving radius 100 m
  • Compact machine design with integrated two-axle trailer
  • 2-sleeper tamping units in split-head design
  • Sound-protection walls beside the tamping units
  • Vacuum unit for dust generated at the tamping units, mounted in the cab roof over the tamping units
  • Optimal tamping frequency of 35 Hz
  • Combined lifting and lining unit with two roller lifting discs per rail, arranged outside
  • Sleeper-end consolidators
  • WIN-ALC / DAR measuring recorder
  • CMS / CWS
  • Engine type KHD TCD 2015 V08 in accordance with COM III A exhaust emission regulations
  • Fire warning system for engine
  • Handwheel-operated parking brake
  • 3 sound- and heat-insulated cabs, one extra workshop cab on the trailer
  • Cab 1, 2, and 4 equipped with intercom system and air conditioning unit
  • Re-railing system for the machine and the trailer
  • 1,650-litre fuel tank
  • 1,650-litre water tank for dust-suppression system at the tamping units
  • Sanding unit