Maintenance contract for the
Unimat 08-475/4S

V-Híd orders servicing at a fixed price

The 08-475/4S universal tamping machine of V-Híd has been in operation for over 30 years. It was manufactured in 1992 for an operating company in Germany before being transferred to Turkey. In the end, it turned out to be an attractive option for V-Híd. The company was looking for a used tamping machine to further expand its fleet and capacities. Thanks to the good experiences with the Plasser & Theurer machines already in use, the decision was made to acquire the Unimat 08-475/4S and to get it back into shape by retrofitting it. This gave rise to discussions about the delivery of original spare parts from Linz and potential servicing.

Servicing costs up to 20% lower for two years

Ultimately, a Full Maintenance contract was concluded for the period from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024. In addition to manufacturing expertise, the main reason for the decision was of a financial nature. V-Híd receives a fixed price for the entire service package, which is around 20% lower than the costs for the sum of the individual services. In addition, the company ensures ongoing training for its staff and, via a hotline, fast assistance in the event of acute technical problems.

Complete service package on-site

During the contract period, V-Híd will perform daily, weekly, and monthly inspections itself. Plasser & Theurer service engineers provide quarterly servicing. They travel to Hungary and carry out the work together with V-Híd staff. As part of the contract, Plasser & Theurer supplies the oils, greases, and lubricants that need to be replaced regularly as well as original Plasser & Theurer spare and wear parts.

Perfect support for fast-growing V-Híd

V-Híd is a highly dynamic track construction company, offering services in Hungary and in the EU. In 2020, the company had 300 employees. This number increased to 1,000 in 2022. In addition to maintenance, the company is also involved in track laying and renewal. In 2020, a Plasser & Theurer continuous-action track renewal machine, the SMD-80/UVP 2002, was purchased specifically for this purpose. The machine was added to the fleet which already included other Plasser & Theurer machines. In order to be equipped for the years to come, V-Híd will be putting the following machines into service: a Unimat 08-4x4/4S Dynamic universal tamping machine, a USP 2000 C2 universal ballast distributing and profiling machine as well as a Plasser AssemblyLiner 1000.

Increased demand for maintenance services

Plasser & Theurer sees the Full Maintenance contract with V-Híd as further confirmation of the growing need for high-quality yet cost-effective maintenance services. As the machine manufacturer, not only can we meet all of our customers' requirements, but also we can ensure the supply of original spare and wear parts over the entire life cycle. And, as the specific case of the Unimat 08-475/4S for V-Híd shows, we're talking about a service life of far more than 30 years.