Sinara - Transport Machines and Plasser & Theurer signed a Memorandum of understanding.

Within the international railway salon PRO//MOTION.Expo 2019 holding "Sinara – Transport Machines" /(STM) and the Austrian manufacturer of track laying and track maintenance machines Plasser & Theurer (P&T) has signed a Memorandum of understanding. Signatures under the document have put the General Director of holding STM Victor Lesh, CEO of P&T Johannes Max-Theurer, Chief Sales Officer Thomas Schopf.

In accordance with the Memorandum, the parties identified areas for joint business development in the field of track machines engineering – from the adaptation of existing Austrian technologies at the Russian production sites of the holding STM to the supply of high-performance complexes of track maintenance machines for the Russian Railways, as well as their components and original spare parts throughout the life cycle.

Today the track division of STM unites capacities of the Kaluga plant "Remputmash" and the enterprise "Kalugaputmash" where not only manufacturing, but also maintenance and service of track machines are carried out. The companies has consolidated their engineering and production competencies to ensure the transition to a new product line that will not only meet the needs and requirements of Russian Railways, but also will allow to intensify export deliveries.

"Today we see demand for innovations in all types of machinery and rolling stock.
Plasser & Theurer technologies have proven themselves all over the world, and STM always occupies a leading position in the innovative segment of the industry, and is interested in expanding the portfolio of infrastructure projects.  Our key task is to offer the best solutions to our customers and produce the best machines in its class. I am sure that together we will make a significant contribution to the development of the Russian railway industry", - said the General Director of the holding "Sinara – Transport Machines" Victor Lesh.

„Our goal is to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the railway and to raise this over a long period, together with experts from railways and partners like Sinara – Transport Machines. Similar to the past 50 years, we are absolutely convinced that our machines will contribute to the sustainability, quality and effectiveness of the Russian Rail Network” said Johannes Max-Theurer, CEO of Plasser & Theurer.

"Sinara-Transport Machines", STM — a divisional machine-building holding of Sinara Group, combines the scientific, technical and production potential of Russian enterprises for engineering, production, maintenance of railway equipment and diesel industrial plants. Also provides traction, leasing of locomotives and track machinery, maintains tracks and infrastructure.

Plasser & Theurer is the world's largest manufacturer of track laying and track maintenance machines. P & T stands for pioneering spirit and highest performance in the sectors of technology, quality and sustainability. P&T produced more than 16,300 units of track machines of various types which were delivered to 109 countries around the world. Since 1968, P&T technology has been used in Russia. More than 1000 units of cooperation machines have been produced in Russia.