The ultimate endurance test for the HTW

The innovative technology of the HTW 100 E³ hybrid motor tower car was put to the test in the Climate Wind Tunnel. The revolutionary Plasser & Theurer machine passed the test in the Climate Wind Tunnel of Rail Tec Arsenal (RTA) with distinction. “There were two reasons for the climate test: To test the new battery technology, and to examine the theoretical values of our suppliers,” explains Christian Weitersberger, responsible Head of Engineering, Plasser & Theurer.

Testing was important to collect the information required to draw conclusions: How long does preheating take using a diesel-powered heating device at a temperature of -30 °C? What level of energy output is required to allow the individual components to run at full performance? To find out, the HTW 100 E³ was equipped with more than 20 sensors prior to testing. It took three days to prepare the machine, and four days to simulate the predefined scenarios.

“We aim to provide our customers with operational data that meets the needs of practical operation even more precisely. We will include the results into our documentation”, Weitersberger explains. Because: Even though nature might spare us from changes of 80 °C, the HTW 100 E³ works under extreme conditions. It has passed the ultimate endurance test.