As of 2018: MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG) for tamping units replaces service booklets

Getting machines connected

P&T Connected focuses on the development of systems that increase the connectivity of track maintenance machines. The data collected for this purpose, however, is not only used for condition-based monitoring.

Automation in mechanised track laying and maintenance has just begun. The increasing connectivity of our machines creates unprecedented opportunities. Already today, remote diagnosis systems such as PlasserDatamatic make it possible to transmit comprehensive machine data to the operator's office.

The DRP data recording processor, a digital measurement recording system, and the SmartALC automatic guiding computer have provided the technological basis for the direct transmission of measuring and geometry data from the work site to the office. In the future, new interfaces will be available to transfer data, including acceptance reports, to the office. This enables infrastructure operators to check the quality of work and to change the course of work without the need to have a specialist on-site. 

MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG) replaces conventional service booklets

As early as in the second quarter of 2018, Plasser & Theurer will introduce a new solution that is also based on the increasing connectivity of our machines: P&T Connected is currently developing an app that will replace paper service booklets, the MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG). Its first version will be particularly designed for the tasks involved in the general overhaul of tamping units.

P&T Connected will provide the structure and user interface, Plasser & Theurer will provide the machine-related content. The customer can enter its data using the app. In addition to the many advantages for operation, the new app will considerably increase transparency in the communication between the manufacturer and operator. Right from the start, the customer can access all data on the machine’s acceptance and commissioning in the app. Moreover, both the customer’s experts and Plasser & Theurer’s service technicians will use the systems.

MMG for entire machines

In addition to these advantages, MMG makes RAM evaluations easier and provides informative reports for documentation. The app will be further expanded to allow entire machines to benefit from the advantages provided by the first version for the general overhaul of tamping units.