The ballast saving machine

Ballast management system for tracks and turnouts

The BDS 2000-4 is a high-capacity machine to perform ballast management. This ensures cost-efficient use of ballast which is a valuable resource. The machine is adapted in output to the continuous-action tamping machines.

To achieve the lifting values needed during maintenance work, the correct quantity of ballast must be available at each sleeper. The BDS 2000-4 can utilise existing or predumped ballast and displace it wherever it is required.

The BDS (Ballast Distribution System) uses existing resources in a unique way. As it profiles the track, it picks up surplus ballast and stores it. When there is a shortage of ballast, the stored ballast is distributed in the track via distributor chutes as well as two slewing conveyor belts. In the course of full track maintenance it is possible to reduce the quantity of new ballast required by up to 60%. The new machine will go into service for Bahnbau Wels (Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group) in Austria.