Cleaning with or without track

Cleaning machine with placement of ballast in layers and a supply of new ballast

The ZRM 350 requires no skeleton track for cleaning the ballast bed. The machine is propelled by crawler tracks in the construction gap. Nevertheless, the crawler tracks do not ride on either formation or geotextile. This is ensured by the intelligent machine design.  

The ZRM 350 produces an accurate cut of the formation along the entire length of the worksite thanks to continuous forward motion and automatic laser-assisted guidance of the excavating chain (alternatively with reference wire guidance). That is one of the greatest advantages of this system compared to conventional methods using wheeled loaders. Nevertheless, the crawler tracks never come into contact with the formation. Naturally, the ZRM 350 can also perform on-track ballast cleaning.

Layer-by-layer placement of ballast.

Responsible for the careful handling of formation and geotextile is the well thought-out system of returning cleaned ballast and new ballast to the track. The first ballasting with regulating is performed right behind the excavating chain which means that the front crawler track of the machine is already running on cleaned ballast. A second ballasting device provides the option to add new ballast. Spiral conveyors distribute the ballast.

Material logistics with and without the track.

When material conveyor and hopper units riding on crawler tracks are added, the ZRM 350 is an efficient ballast cleaning system for areas without tracks. These ensure evacuation of spoil and supply of new ballast.