Our mission statement


Plasser & Theurer – this is what we stand for ...

Plasser & Theurer is a private company in Austria that for over 60 years has concentrated on the development, construction and export of track maintenance machines. We are a part of the railway system and make a great contribution towards its safety, reliability and cost-efficiency.

High capacity

Plasser & Theurer stands for pioneering spirit and highest performance in the sectors of technology, quality and sustainability. We recognise new requirements and set standards for cost-efficient track laying and track maintenance.


Plasser & Theurer stands for worldwide know-how in track maintenance. This fact, as well as our great motivation, enables us to build machines that perform all work with the highest quality. Absolute precision and accuracy are the values that we strive for.


Plasser & Theurer stands for high personal commitment, not only when developing innovative ideas but also when putting them into practice. We create the basic conditions to ensure the high reliability of our products and to optimise their availability.

Main topics

Past & future

Plasser & Theurer combines values such as tradition and future-orientation as well as pioneering spirit and innovation. We are proud of our firm’s history and our success story and we look to the future with optimism. And we will keep on contributing towards the future of the railway system.

Competence & know-how

Plasser & Theurer builds track maintenance machines for all work to be performed on the line. We are a technology leader and will continue to undertake all efforts to keep this position and expand it further. The innovative force of our company lies in the personal commitment of each and every individual.

We have positioned ourselves as a full-range supplier of machines for the construction of railway infrastructure and its maintenance. For our customers we build custom-made machines for their specific operation and offer our complete range of service and support throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

Customer & partner

Plasser & Theurer is a part of and a partner to the entire railway system. Our customers are railway companies (operators of high-speed traffic, freight traffic, urban transport authorities, metros) and construction firms who deploy our machines. We serve a limited and consistent circle of customers with different requirements. Our long-term partnerships confirm the success of our approach and motivate us for new challenges.

Information & communication

Plasser & Theurer regards its customers and suppliers as partners. Success for all is only possible through mutual esteem and reliability. We regard our partnerships as long term and act accordingly. Only with the best materials can we meet the high demands of the modern-day rail system. And through good communication we can fulfil our tasks successfully. Convinced of this principle, we keep in close contact with our suppliers and customers.

Location & infrastructure

Plasser & Theurer is a private Austrian company. We believe in Austria as a business location where we develop and manufacture our machines. The positive local conditions, such as high-quality training and good infrastructure, are part of the success of our company that we have enjoyed for over 60 years.

Members of staff & potential

Plasser & Theurer acknowledges its greatest potential: its staff. They are absolute specialists in their particular areas. As a training firm we provide the basis for continuous internal development. Due to their motivation and commitment, each and every individual has the opportunity for advancement within the company. We demand a high degree of flexibility, willingness to learn and assume responsibility as well as show commitment in order to meet our high standards of quality and the complex requirements of the world market.

We wish to express our personal esteem to everyone. All employees participate in the success of our company with a higher salary. Our goal is to provide secure workplaces and long-term contracts as well as full employment. We are aware of our social responsibility.

Health & safety

Plasser & Theurer places great importance on a good quality of life for its members of staff. We provide more than is prescribed by legislators and unions in order to offer our employees a safe environment. Because we are aware that only an optimum environment allows a person to achieve maximum output. Therefore we take direct personal responsibility and look after each other.

Leadership & communication

Plasser & Theurer sees its lean structure as one of its strengths. Clear management structures, loyalty and esteem towards our members of staff set us apart. Decisions are made immediately and in cooperation with all departments involved.

We are a team with a high level of internal communication which contributes decisively towards the success of the entire company. The basis of our cooperation is a comprehensive and fair exchange of information.

If conflicts arise, we solve them internally. The concerns of the company will always stand above outside interests.

Environment & awareness

We work for the success of the railway system which is the most ecologically harmless system of transport. Therefore Plasser & Theurer stands for sustainability. This implies a responsible use of natural resources and our environment. We stand for environmental compatibility and ecological awareness in all areas of production and operation.

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