Corporate policy


Plasser & Theurer is a private Austrian company that has been concentrating on the development, construction and export of track laying and maintenance machines for over 60 years. We stand for values such as tradition, future-orientation, pioneering spirit and innovation. As part of the railway system, we contribute significantly towards its safety, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Our success is based on three important pillars:

High capacity

Plasser & Theurer stands for pioneering spirit and highest performance in the sectors of technology, quality and sustainability. We recognise new requirements and set standards for cost-efficient track laying and track maintenance.


Plasser & Theurer stands for worldwide know-how in track maintenance. This fact, as well as our high motivation, enable us to build machines that perform all work with the highest quality. Absolute precision and accuracy are the values we strive for.


Plasser & Theurer stands for high personal commitment to the development of innovative ideas and their fast and effective implementation. We create the conditions necessary to ensure the high reliability of our products and to optimise their availability.

Being aware of our greatest potential, our staff, drives us to provide the conditions necessary to enable them to even further improve their skills, become more flexible, learn more, strengthen their sense of responsibility and commitment. This is necessary to meet both our high quality standards and the complex requirements of the world market. We attach great importance to the safety and health of our staff as well as their good quality of life.

We believe in Austria as a business location and are convinced that its positive framework conditions contribute to the success of our company. We wish to maintain this for the long-term.

All measures taken by the company contribute significantly to the positive development of the company in both social and economic terms. To ensure and document this sustainably, we operate an Integrated Management System (IMS). It integrates any relevant matter, such as quality, occupational health and safety, environment and energy in one management system that is constantly further developed. Risk assessment and compliance with the relevant legislation are also part of the IMS.

This corporate policy and its principles have been made mandatory for all members of staff by the management of Plasser & Theurer Export von Bahnbaumaschinen Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Monitoring and assessment will be carried out regularly by the persons designated by the management and the management itself to ensure compliance with the corporate policy.

Regular training in the respective fields ensures a sufficient level of qualification of all members of staff.

Linz, October 2015

Quality (ISO 9001):

  • Contributing to the railway system’s cost-efficiency and increasing it sustainably
  • Complying with the applicable requirements for official homologation
  • Complying with relevant guidelines and standards for machine safety
  • Close and continuing exchange of experience with customers
  • Meeting the customers’ requirements in the best possible way and increasing the customers’ benefit and efficiency
  • Using materials of the highest quality
  • Anticipating possible problems at an early stage
  • Avoiding failure costs by using controlled processes and procedures and refining them continually

Occupational health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001):

  • Maintaining our staff’s quality of life and motivation
  • Clear management structures, loyalty and appreciation
  • Providing support for taking preventive health promotion measures
  • Taking preventive measures to avoid accidents
  • Order and cleanliness are fundamental principles
  • Optimising work places in terms of safety, health and ergonomic design
  • Avoiding risks by using safe machines and equipment
  • Sensitising staff through specific training

Environment and energy (ISO 14001 and ISO 50001):

  • Further developing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient track maintenance machines
  • Involving and further developing aspects relating to the environment and energy already during the planning of projects and processes
  • Reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption to a necessary and achievable minimum
  • Handling existing resources carefully
  • Environmental awareness and compatibility in all areas of production and operation
  • Taking environmental and energy efficiency into account for procurement
  • Optimising internal and external transport systems
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